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Web Site Marketing
You have a website... now what?

As simple as that question sounds, many people can't answer it.

Drive traffic to your site!

Creating a Web site is only the first step. Without visitors, your site will be worthless. This is where we come in. BMC Limited will develop an online marketing plan to deliver qualified traffic to your site. More traffic translates to greater visibility, increased sales and disseminating more information.

Services we provide:

  • Keyword Phrase Research, Analysis, and Strategies
  • Web site optimization review and suggestions for improvement
  • Search engine submissions
  • Link procurement strategies
  • Reports outlining your web site's performance
  • Submission to International search engines
  • Submission to specialty search engines
  • Pay-Per-Click management

    Elements we can include for you:

  • Setting sensible goals
  • Setting a budget
  • Seeking your ideal customers
  • Defining your marketing goals
  • Creating the best method to sell your products or services

    Your ranking by search engines - whether you fall in the top five search results or rank at number 100 - determines a major slice of your site traffic. Achieving high rankings consistently is a difficult, competitive and technically challenging process, dependant upon the specifics of each website and the competitive nature of its industry.

    You need to optimize your position with each and every search engine, not once but on a regular basis to get maximum value from the search engine optimization (SEO) process.

    BMC Limited offers a comprehensive SEO service. Because we build web sites, we have the advantage of understanding the subtleties in code, naming conventions and optimum technical structure which work to create the strongest platform for effective SEO results.

    BMC Limited has been promoting web sites and providing first class search engine optimization for over six years. We have worked for companies big and small and know how to develop realistic marketing plans for your business.

    Not all search engine marketing companies are the same. Be wary of sites that offer 'Submisson to 1,000 Search Engines'. Fly-by-night Internet promotions don't work, and many companies will deliberately mislead you by saying that they can get you into the top 10 of rankings for one low fee. You and your site deserve personal attention, and that is what BMC Limited will do for you. We will help develop a personal marketing plan for you and your business that you will be satisfied with.

    Please click here for a no obligation search engine analysis for your site. We will provide you with a report, expert analysis, and suggestions for your site.

    Just submitting your site is often not enough. Part of the nature of submitting to search engines is that your site may by dropped from the engine, and over time be surpassed by newer ones.

    You update your site when you have new information, why not make sure that its position is updated as well? Sites need to be submitted on a continuous basis to achieve the best results.

    Fly-by-night Internet promoters don't address these concerns and often only report to you with an informal e-mail providing spotty results. BMC Limited works with you, promoting your site and giving you the attention you deserve. We'll make sure that your site's position is updated whenever necessary.

    Click here to fill out a no-obligation Search Engine analysis for your Web site!

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